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It happens!

The other day I was going to the market, while the autodriver was slimely making his way through whatever space was left between a bus and three cars in parallel, i was watching a row of ‘plastic sheet’ temporary dwellings of workers for a construction project.

The signal turned red, and the auto stopped bang in front of one of the ‘plastic sheet triangle, so i got a chance to watch it closely . My stretch of imagination had accomodated five family members in there, but the actual head count was ’10’ !!!!!!! of all size and age groups, happily enjoying their morning ‘khana’, scolding/slapping the crying babies….

… And here I was complaining about my house being a ‘cramped place’ as it only has two rooms and three balconies… not enough for two people to stay in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well……… in the present state of mind, i dont want to even own this thought.

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