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Why do the television channels take us for granted?

I am deeply anguished by the manner the T.V. channels take us, the viewers, for granted!!! For Godness sake…… I am NOT interested in knowing what went wrong in the personal life of an XYZ film star. But I wonder why the T.V. channels give so much of time and resources on beaming day and night long programmes on why an actor/actress is not getting along with his/her partner, what conversation or e-mail exchange took place between them etc.. etc…
What intrigues me is that these channels dont stop at this; they transform this situation into a national crisis that demands attention of the entire nation. All this resulting in, viewers like me tormted by in-depth analysis of the situation channel after channel.

This makes me think, do the people running these TV channels think us Indians to be dumb idiots who thrive on gossips and sensation?

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  1. amit said

    thats what we are coming to ….24 hour news channels ..they have to earn their living…secondly because there are so many of these channels …they have to sensationalise things to attract attention towards their channel amongst the clutter….

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