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Remembering bro’s poetry!!!!

Sitting here, thinking, watching the sun go down
About life in general and the people around

The drastic changes in my life that have occurred so fast
The metamorphosis towards the present from the past

So taking a long trip down memory lane
Reflecting on the past and the present, joys & pain

The relationships that have come and gone along the way
Very few of them were meant to permanently stay

After being together for such a long time
Realising that a few treasured souls are worth a dime

And not being taken for granted like an old book collecting dust

But these things eventually do occur and cannot be avoided
Even to the mere mortals who are so easily deluded

The betrayals, disappointments, heartaches & torments
Are the expected things that happen at unexpected moments

But despite all the harshness of life that sometimes seems absurd
Some elements of good & happiness exist in every sense of the word

So cut down on expectations and take each day as it comes
Accept what life has to offer and content you will become

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  1. amit said

    when did u write this ? or did u write this ?

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