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Smashed (well, almost!)

coming to work this morning…. the speeding three wheeler banged into another one ahead….. then hit by an Innova from the left and then banged into a trolley parked on the right… just before managing to stop near the divider on the right!……….. was speechless and motionless for sometime.

Well that was quite a traffic stopper! each passing vehicle’s driver had a mix of reactions- surprised to see nothing drastic happened inspite of such a big collision; a sympathetic look to the damsel in distress (moi); and a confused look at the drivers of the three wheelers and Innova, with the later asking the limping three wheeler driver for compensation!

Miracle that I escaped unhurt (just my right arm hurts after being hit from all corners).

Just near the office building, there was a dead pigeon- If I were to go by symbolism- some checks and balances by the nature!!!!

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