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BarCamp: The ‘unconference’ conference!

Recently while surfing the web, I came across an event that was held in Delhi by the name of BarCamp! Interested by the name, I tried to get more information through a google search. What I understood was that its a conference which is done in an ‘unconference’ manner (generally by tech geeks); where people are informed on the web; they can choose to sign-in for presentations and participation; be as unpretentious as they can be; come-meet-greet-retreat. The USP is ‘being democratic’ – an unconference of the people; for the people by the people. Got to know that similar BarCamps were orgnaized in other parts of the world that too with much success. Its all about lowering the Bar and letting the new players enter the tech field. For a person like myself, who is used to the idea of conference as being a formal meeting with strict agenda et al, this was a nice piece of information.

Further more what surprised me was that this technology ‘do’ was held for the FIRST time not only in India but in Asia and that too in DELHI!!!!!!!!!! (……. and I thought India’s tech scence is based in Bangalore!!!) and was attended by almost 75+ well meaning people/start-ups/cos.

One important thing that i noted was that this concept was brought-in and fructified by some guys at a tech-start-up named “Uzanto”, in Delhi. Now similar events are being organized in Chennai, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad. I think its true that innovations and risks are taken by not so big and new companies. Kudos to this spirit!!!!

P.S: The second barcamp is being held in Chennai; the amusing part is Bangalore is getting its act together for grabbing the fourth place (Pune & Hyderabad have settled for third)!

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