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Story in seven kms.

This morning I had to take an auto to reach office. The auto guy was a middle aged man with a permanent smile fixed on his face. he asked my destination and i sat in the auto. Unlike most of his creed, he started the meter instead of hagling. Then as he started the auto, he began his story- how much he likes having tea, they say its harmful but he is addicted…. in between he asked my choice if i was a tea freak. upon not getting any response from me; he gave the verdict , … nahi aap zada chai nahi peete hoge…’ . To which i had to nod. Not the one to give in easily on my arrogance, in came the second question and the answer….. ‘ aap kaha se ho? ‘, dilli ke to nahi lagte ho. Then he stuck to the rear view mirror for my reaction. Of course I lied that I am from delhi. But he was not convinced. Then he told about himself, he belonged to Uttaranchal, has been in delhi for 15 years, is married with a girl from his native place (reason- delhi girls are difficult to handle, all there time is spent in the beauty parlour; while his wife in not the demanding lot she can adjust in any sum of money!!!!). He has twins, 11 eleven years of age.
In a nutshell in a 7 km stretch he told me everything about his siblings, changing values in human relations, being cheated for his money as a result he is still driving a rented auto……. etc. etc.

All through out i kept wondering, will he expect some extra money from me or is he bluffing or is he a fraud? But when i reached office, i noticed the meter was not tampered and neither did he ask some extra money for story telling.

When i gave the money he said, ‘ madam, meri aadat hai baat karne ki, bahut logo ko pasand nahi. aap jaise log kum hi milte hain. Kismet hui to phir milenge aapse’.

I smiled and walked to my office premises thinking, was i being overcautious or was my reaction to his stories normal/

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