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The NRI Temple

Last sunday I had the chance to visit the akshardhaam temple in Delhi. I had seen it from the outside several times, while it was under construction. Everytime I went past, I wondered why do we have to build such a HUGE temple. But on second thoughts I would say, if the temple had not come up there, I am sure it would have been given for construction of a mall.

Anyways, a temple is anytime preferred over a mall. At least in a temple one doesnt get tempted to burn a hole in the wallet.

The temple is well planned: parking area, passage for wheel chairs, eating area etc. The premises can handle a huge crowd without bursting on the seams. (‘huge’ is to quantified in the near future). One thing that caught my attention was- the public announcement- when it was made in English, it was in quite a ‘firangi accent’ (is outsourcing creeping in here as well?)

A lot of money has been spent and it shows in the intricate carvings on the marbles and stones everywhere inside the main temple. I spent more time in watching the carvings than watching the diety (blasphemy!). It was interesting to see our regualr Gods (Ram-Sita, Radha-Krishna, lord Shiva etc.) with a ‘not so oriental look’.

I got educated about a new God, “Swami Narayan ji”. It seems He is popular with the Gujaratis and the NRI community. Thanks to Advaniji for making him known to the North Indians (like myself) as well.

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