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Work Smart

Reproducing an article I read on dumblittleman:
1. Get clear on the objective. The clearer you are, the better.
2. Create a vision. See the objective as your direction, and your vision as your destination.
3. Take the 80/20 route. 80/20 route refers to the route that takes the least effort but gives you the maximum results.
4. Go for high impact items. Go for the most important tasks – the ones that cause the highest impact.
5. Create structures to maintain your flow. If you know how motivation works, you will know it comes in bursts and waves.
6. Stop being a perfectionist. Stop obsessing about the details and specifics; they often take care of themselves.
7. Learn from others. There are great resources, smart people, direct opportunities and top books around you all the time. Learn to make use of them.
8. If it works, stick to it. If there is already a success formula that’s working, then reapply that formula.
9. Ask for help. If you don’t ask, you’ll never get.
10. Cut out the fluff. Don’t do things unless they are absolutely needed.
11. Automate. Is there anyway to automate your tasks, especially labor intensive ones?
12. Delegate.
13. Outsource. If something is not your area of expertise or it can be better done by someone else, then outsource it.
14. Wait. Sometimes, waiting may be the best solution.
15. Pick your battles. Don’t try to ram up against every barrier you face, especially if there’s nothing much on the other side.
16. Always lookout for a better way. Don’t restrict yourself to a certain set rule of doing things just for the sake of status quo.
17. Stop when you are tired.
18. Review regularly. Do a regular review of what you have done in the past week and the corresponding results.

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